SilverBlog Demo site

A fast and lightweight blog framework based on Python3 development


Demo Article

This is the official demo for SilverBlog. You can try to add, update and delete articles to have a feel of the swiftness and the déjà vu of SilverBlog.

For the demo purpose, this article has been set as protected. Please do not try to update or delete this article.

All content management is done at the SilverCreator. Open the Silver Creator, enter when prompted for an URL. Use SilverBlog when prompted for a password.

There is also an Android and iOS App for the mobile content creation, which can be found at the Google Play Store (for Android) and GitHub (for iOS).

You can also use following QR-code to signin via the app:


Many thanks to Jetbrains and Librazy for its great support for this project.